Craft Ideas for Door Decorations

Are you planning a special celebration or party? Decorating the door is a unique way to make sure that your theme comes out and everyone in the event is in the right mood. This post brings you top craft ideas for door decorations.

Use letter Monogram Door Décor

Using monograms is a unique way to pay homage to the family name. Giant letters monograms have become a major trend for the last couple of years and are still gaining popularity. To make the decorations even more personal, you could consider working on own letters. Check for oversize letters from the local craft stores and cut out with a personalized pattern on a hard board. Finally, cover the letter using a creative medium such as buttons, shell or paint and fix them on the door.

Chalkboard sign door décor

Painting the inner section of a frame, tray, or cupboard using chalkboard will yield a great functional décor for the main door. The painting should include a great quote, monogram or even house numbers. The great thing about this idea is that the designer is free to change the setup any moment. You could make a great door décor during Christmas and change a few days later to bring out the ideal mood of the New Year.

The flower basket door decoration

Ever seen flower door baskets? They look fantastic. When baskets are filled with foliage and flowers, they will be very attractive and indeed practical. For extra thrills, it is important to look for flowers that have colors and patterns matching with the specific event theme.

Blank picture frame door decorations

Do you have some empty picture frames in the house? Why not decorate them and place on the front door? This idea is great because it is easy and highly versatile. You can decorate the empty picture frames, special craft such as fabric flowers, faux flowers, and even scrap paper. Here it is up to you to think creatively and make the frames as enthralling as possible. For example, you could opt to attach personal Instagram photos or lovely sceneries you captured in one of the holidays.

Make sure to attach eye hooks on both sides of the frame and run a beading wire between every hook. Then, print all the photos you want to include and attach using a clothespin. You could even use several sized frames next to each other or one inside the other.

Original wood cutouts decorations

Original wood cut out decorations can be a great idea because they demonstrate a personal connection to nature. Here, it is advisable to maintain a specific pattern in line with a unique theme. Note that unlike the chalkboard sign door decoration, the original wood type cannot be changed easily. Consider painted wood cut to take the shape of a giant flip-flop, wiener dog, or Jaguar. Always remember that no specific craft door idea is ideal for all situations. You might need to look at your event, theme and even goals when picking the craft door decorations.